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Bryan Smeltzer’s Podcast on driving your brand, product, and marketing through an innovation driven mindset and disruptive strategies.

Visionaries | Andrew Carnegie

September 16, 2020

Bryan discusses another generational Visionary, Andrew Carnegie. Carnegie an immigrant from Scotland went on to create the largest empire in US History at the time, Steel, eventually selling to JP Morgan for $480M in 1901. 

Carnegie would then go on to become one of the most generous Philanthropists in American history. With a worth of over $309B in today's dollars, he would give most away.

Bryan Smeltzers Podcast on driving your brand forward, reinvigorating your passion, while continuing to maintain and sustain your Vision for long term revenue growth.

Discussions around disruptive strategies, and executable market drivers that provide a unique point of difference for you and your brand.

We discuss this along with other business strategy topics and pressing issues facing Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners.


He is the Author of The Visionary Brand, a book on how brands sustain and maintain their Vision over generations.

Bryan is currently President of LiquidMind Inc., a  global brand strategy firm located in Southern California.


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