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Bryan Smeltzer‘s Podcast on driving your brand, product, and marketing through an innovation driven mindset and disruptive strategies.

Innovation Strategy | How to Implement an Innovation Driven Culture

October 26, 2021

The Visionary Chronicles  PODCAST 


CHRONICLE: October 28th, 2021

 "If we are to preserve culture, we must continue to create it...."

                                               Wisdom from Johan Huzinga


Innovation Strategy | How to Effectively Implement an Innovation-Driven Culture


In my new PODCAST, I discuss integrating an innovation-driven culture inside your brand and the commitment it takes to succeed.

TRUE blood Brands find a way to set a Vision driven by an authentic need to Innovate, and Disrupt the Status Quo in their industry or product category.

With LiquidMind, I often am asked, "Where do I start?". For starters, Innovation is an engrained cultural phenomenon. Yes, a phenomenon, something intangible, built into a brand's culture, something you can SEE and FEEL. Thinks of brands, even though you may not be a part of their company, where you can FEEL and SEE the consistently great Innovation they aspire others to achieve!

Being an Innovator is something that is earned, something committed to throughout the company. It is protected by those Artists and Creators whose sole intent is to preserve the SOUL of the brand.

But, where is a company to start? First, it begins at the top, with a Vision to be "Best in Class" and a leader for others to follow. To attain this status, you are forced to innovate, not just one time…" no ONE HIT wonders allowed"…but continually and consistently, generation to generation, always GREAT!

There are several steps to implementing this strategy, and all I discuss in PODCAST, The Visionary Chronicles;

  1. Create, and commit to a Shared Vision. Disrupt, and eliminate your competition.
  2. Define the Team and expectations. Ensure they have your full support, for failure is inevitable and required to sustain success. Ensure you have "checkpoints," but not barriers to realizing a great Idea, always moving forward.
  3. Provide proper resources and tools to succeed on the Vision. Provide oxygen, do not leave your marching to the summit of Everest without the adequate resources to survive.
  4. Define the opportunity and proper fit with your brand. Ensure everyone understands both the positioning and culture.
  5. get out of the way! Disruption is a fast-moving train; you will succeed if you have the right Team with the proper resources!

Innovation is more easily said than done; it takes a commitment to RISK and embracing FAILURE!

                        Stay True, stay Authentic, be Different, be Great!

                        Enjoy the Journey!

Bryan Smeltzer, President

LiquidMind Inc.



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The Visionary Chronicles Podcast

I discuss this and other business strategy topics and pressing issues facing Entrepreneurs, Executives, and Small Business Owners.


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Bryan Smeltzers Podcast on driving your brand forward, reinvigorating your passion, while continuing to maintain and sustain your Vision for long-term revenue growth.

Discussions around disruptive strategies, and executable market drivers that provide a unique point of difference for you and your brand.


We discuss this along with other business strategy topics and pressing issues facing Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners.


He is the author of The Visionary Brand, a book on how brands sustain and maintain their Vision over generations.

Bryan is currently President of LiquidMind Inc., a  global brand strategy firm located in Southern California.


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